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Business Insurance

As the owner of a business, you have many important decisions to make, and insuring your business and protecting your assets is one of the most crucial.Remember no matter the size of your business, you face liability. At Donnelly-Bay, we represent some of the best A+ rated companies around.   

Business General Liability Coverage includes:

Bodily injury - includes sickness, disease or death sustained by a person or persons.

Property damage - includes physical damage to someone else's property and loss-of-use of the damaged property.

Personal injury or advertising injury - personal injury refers to harm to another person's or business's reputation or basic right to privacy. Advertising injury refers to harm caused by an advertisement, such as an ad slandering a competitor.

Products and completed operations injury - product coverage is extended to any harm that a business's reputation might cause, including injury arising from "complicated operations" such as repair work or electrical installations.

We provide also Commercial Property insurance, Business Auto insurance, and Workers Compensation.

No two businesses are alike. We can help you design an insurance program tailored to meet your specific needs.

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